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Grig news: Mass Effect 3, SFxTekken, Game

And so the gaming apocalypse continues. Today we have a butchers at some of the more intriguing news titbits that are meandering about the halls of cassa de Internet like loitering drunkards outside a brewery. The theme of the day, … Continue reading

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He who dares, wins. Ludum Dare update for my game

With just over 12 hours until the submissions for Ludum dare end, i’ve just added my first update to the ludum dare sites blog, with a brand spanking new shiny screen shot, here it is At the moment you just … Continue reading

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lartens favorite e3 bits so far, in short, shoulda really done some revision, eeeek

Well well well, what do we have here, minecraft on the xbox? apparently using kinect, that seems like it might be a bit of a slow game, there was pretty much nothing on the details, just that it was happening, … Continue reading

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Video Nasties for Dear Old Bats

Well, the fun just keeps on coming. The new Batman game is looking like a peach – Batman: Arkham City has tranferred all of Gotham’s loons into a brand-spankers new complex that sprawls across the city like a big fat … Continue reading

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