Ten, Ten, Here We Go Again… Sonic CD!

Well my mighty groons, there was nothing but joy at Grig Towers when we heard the news that Sonic CD is getting a re-release! Of course, that won’t be news to all the wonderful retro-fans out there – but how about a little vid to perk up your Tuesday?

This Mega CD classic (and there weren’t many, if we’re honest) was originally released way back in 1993, and earned a cult following for its awes soundtrack and expertly rendered version of the Sonic franchise. It also featured Metal Sonic and Amy for the first time, but who gives a hairy two-tailed fox’s ass about secondary characters? Anyhoo, now Sonic CD is getting a bit of spit and polish and being scattered across the four winds of digital – with an XBLA, PSN, iOS and Android release all on the cards.

The only grey cloud in this otherwise sunny news day is SEGA’s reticence on the subject of the toons. Their only commitment is that the digital release will contain “music from the original Japanese soundtrack”. Which could of course mean some of the level music is ported and the rest is ditched, or some other hideous outcome that doesn’t involve every single note being faithfully recreated. Hopefully for the console versions we’ll see a full port, and the handhelds will at least get the best bits – we’re watching you, SEGA.

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