Ni No Kuni – Now With Added Jokes

As if the magic of Ni No Kuni could possibly get greater – now Level 5 have released a vid showing a brand new idea for a sub-game in their upcoming PS3 delight: stand-up comedy! This little routine is apparently a straight rendition of Newman and Baddiel’s History Today – the one with Brighton Marine World (google it, people). And as you can see, it has all the funny-shaped-head people in stitches. Hell, at one point they even get the mountains laughing – job well done little Ghibli-creatures!

The reason this is such a lovely insight into the upcoming game is it’s a real Ghibli-style diversion – a low-level interaction with the lives of the characters that takes you beyond the linear storytelling of most animated film. And that shows that it’s more than just the animation that The Studio has brought to this release – the feel and spirit of everyone’s favourite anime-house is alive and well.

But, sadly, only in Japan! So, onwards with the campaign for an English language version. Go! Sign up now! Find the page here!

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