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Ni No Kuni – The AdMen Cometh

Oh, happy day! More Ni No Kuni wonderfulness has been thrust unto the world by those wonderful chaps at Level 5. This time, they’re teasing us with bite-size nuggets of advertising-tastic video-marvellousness. Enjoy!

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Woah, this KinectFusion vid is Amazing!

This truely is incradible, they’re taking the 3d depth feed and converting it to model, the camera pans round and a model is created, they’ve evem got some cool multi touch drawing and interactions happening, check it out.

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Is It Safe To Be A Geek Anymore?

Everything’s changed for the nerd. Where once the humble superfan could happily spend a life ensconced in their own bubble, with nothing but their addiction and a tightly chosen cabal of likeminded freaks for company, nowadays geekiness is an entirely … Continue reading

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A-biv-biv-biv! It’s the Sonic Generations Game!

I sense the forces of Karma at work in the forthcoming release of Sonic Generations, Sega’s next-gen homage to the blue hog’s first 20 years. And it should give everyone hope – except that little shiz Geoffrey Lawrence. See, when … Continue reading

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Nyan Cat The Destroyer

2011 has taught us one thing so far: don’t get complacent or you’ll get bitten on the ass. Those pootling along with dreams of nuclear safety awoke to nightmares in Fukushima. The early believers in a peaceful Arab Spring had … Continue reading

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SSFIV Arcade Edition! Are You Listening, Despair-Bots?!

D-Day is here. And for the Griggers, D means Despair. Capcom have finally unveiled their SSFIV Arcade Edition news and… well, I’ll leave the Dibbs-monger to bring his own special take on the news with an update to this post … Continue reading

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“Mind If I Take Off My Pants?” – The Duke, 2011

And also more Duke! This little gem caused quite a stir over in the good ol’ U.S. of A, with instant shouts of misogyny in response to the video’s blatant sex-appeal. There was even an early clamour for DNF to … Continue reading

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Krime and Punishment – More MK9 Fun

The case against Mortal Kombat is clear, your honour. Today, we will prove beyond reasonable doubt why this sucka is guilty as charged – of being the only exciting beat em up on the gaming horizon. So get out your … Continue reading

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King of Limbos – Mega64 Awesomeness!

We love Limbo. You love Limbo. Mega64 loves Limbo. Of course, to show their love, they’ve gone live action in a convenience store. The results are simply awes – very impressive spider legs! – so get watching people! Love ya … Continue reading

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Finish her! Mortal Kombat 9 Tag Team Action!

And again, I was gonna bung this sucka in with the others – but with girl-on-girl action culminating in a pole-in-the-crotch finale, it really had to have its own entry. Hehehe. (Too pervy? Listen: I didn’t freakin’ create some woman … Continue reading

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