lartens favorite e3 bits so far, in short, shoulda really done some revision, eeeek

Well well well, what do we have here, minecraft on the xbox? apparently using kinect, that seems like it might be a bit of a slow game, there was pretty much nothing on the details, just that it was happening, other things going on are: dance central 2, 2 player simultaniously, over a 100 songs at launch, import the first game’s songs. looks good, i played the first game the other day at a friend’s and it was fun.

oh yeah, master chief maybe back, microsoft ended with a halo 4 teaser, the start of a new trilogy, i skipped the last 2 halos because i just don’t care, as in odst and reach. but i’cw always had a soft spot when the chief and cortana are driving the narrative.

hmmm, what else was there, ssx looks good, apparantly they have used the nasa satallites to get detail on all the major mountains for snow boarding, that sounds like quite a feat. overstrike from insomniac looked kinda goodm with some comedy involved in the trailer, couldn’t find it for you though, just saw it on the EA event stream. battlefield 3 obviosly looked good using the frostbite 2 engine.

Ubisoft kicked off with some 2d rayman platformer, it looked nice for 10 year olds, can’t say i’m fust. tin tin looked nice, raving rabbids for kinect looked like it has potential to make a decent attempt at Augmented reality, but what it showed off wasn’t great. oh and dave nevaro was in the ad for rock smith. farcry 3 and assassins creed was also looking pretty tasty.

in other late news, the sonic generations also looks pretty good in both modes on green hill zone.

here’s a set of links to some videos

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  1. Dibbs Ahoy says:

    This is some Grig-dedication! Right before an exam, yikes!
    So far, not too hyped for anything, though i did quite like the look of Uncharted 3 and Tomb Raider. I also like the way Microsoft stole their own thunder by posting their line up a few hours before the show and then taking it down again. That’s one slick operation they’re runningWell, it’s not over yet, still waiting for Nintendo to show their hand!

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