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Edmond Pangs of Guilt

. I mean, good job Edmond Pang. Nice graphics and retro-synth music backing for your little video here. But rootin-tootin Jeebus, if you’re going to spend days creating something then surely you’d find five minutes for a quick spelling and … Continue reading

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Sega Rally/slow news day abound!

Woo! What a hype Evo, huh?! Yeah, I was asleep for the final here in stupid England… but at least Kayo Police was looking good cosplaying as Viper, huh?! What do you mean she’ll probably main Poison in SFxTekken? I … Continue reading

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Is It Safe To Be A Geek Anymore?

Everything’s changed for the nerd. Where once the humble superfan could happily spend a life ensconced in their own bubble, with nothing but their addiction and a tightly chosen cabal of likeminded freaks for company, nowadays geekiness is an entirely … Continue reading

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Love Death? Boong-Ga, Boong-Ga…

Top Ten lists are normally utter drivel. They’re filler for Sunday night telly, where D-list muppets fill E4’s downtime by pretending to remember their favourite hairstyle from 1984 (there was the mullet and the perm! We don’t need a whole … Continue reading

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New Fightpad

New fightpad for xbox not by Madcatz so there┬ámay be┬áhope. Still obviously not as good as the Saturn pad. Not even sure if its got a proper d-pad – looks and sounds like its got something weird so it’s obviously … Continue reading

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