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Are video games art?

We pose the question because this week saw both the BAFTA video game awards, and the opening of the The Art of Video Games exhibition at the Smithsonian American Art Museum. Lets start off with a hearty congratulations to our … Continue reading

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Video Nasties for Dear Old Bats

Well, the fun just keeps on coming. The new Batman game is looking like a peach – Batman: Arkham City has tranferred all of Gotham’s loons into a brand-spankers new complex that sprawls across the city like a big fat … Continue reading

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The Beautiful Game? You Decide…

What to do with a girl who likes dusty old museums more than shooting the crap out of random kids on Modern Warfare 2? Lock her in a cupboard you say? What? No, no – just offer to take her up the Smithsonian.
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