Ludum Dare 23 is kicking off with Tiny World, oh

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Here in the UK the time has just struck 02:00 and the gauntlet is down, Ludum Dare #23 a 10 year aniversary has started with the theme “Tiny World” and now i’m stumped, hmmm what to do?

For those un initiated with Ludum dare, it is a competition for fun where by the participants create a video game in 48 hours from scratch on their own or if they enter the Jam then in a team with a little extra time.

Generally those involved have an account with and they post their progress to the main blog stream as they go, where there is a whole community of like minded game creator enthusiasts trying to beat the clock and keep their sanity.

At the end, with games submitted including source code, everybody gets to play other participants entries and vote and comment on them. then 30 days later a winner is announced and everybody can see how they did. Fun huh? hehe. I like it.

#### update ###
The results are in and i faired better than i thought for what i put in, and some people even said good things about the appauling physics lol. Anyway to help me find the damn page again, here’s the link

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