The Downside of Retro


Guffaw! Oh how we moaned at expansion packs and memory cards over the years – but how blessed we were. Just enough memory to save a few nudey pics or two of your favourite S Club 7 mp3’s would have cost thousands back in the day (if time somehow got screwed up and those things existed at the same time as this, that is. Well, nudey pics did. But you’d have probably taken the shame of buying a Razzle at Spar if it meant saving three grand so that’s kind of irrelevant.)

Kind of makes you wonder what would have ever been worth this amount of money to save to disk. Code? Secret code? Secret biological warfare code that you couldn’t risk writing down? Hot dog man! So the only reason to buy this is if you were a major international germ terrorist?! Why, that’s kind of a giveaway at Dixons if you ask me. Straight to jail with no supper, guaranteed.

I’d have just paid a servant to write down my chemical weapon recipes, saved myself the time in clink and spent the change on a Deep Pan Pizza.


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