Happy Frickin Birthday!


Well I never – the Game Boy is 25 years old today! (Japanese release date). Game Man? Too gay.

And for all you fact hunters, here’s what Wikipedia has to say on the matter: The Game Boy was released in Japan on April 21, 1989, in North America in August 1989, and in Europe on September 28, 1990. Redesigned versions were released in 1996 and 1998, in the form of Game Boy Pocket, and Game Boy Light (Japan only), respectively.

Notice they missed out 1991: some punk smashes my Game Boy in a desk and the school refuses to buy me a new one.

Had that punk for a month. A month!!

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  1. Dibbs says:

    Outters! Have schools no sense of decency?!

    I still remember the first time I saw a Gameboy in the flesh – some girl was sitting on a bench outside WH Smiths in Eastbourne with a friend and they were opening it, just peering at it in wonderment. It had literally just been released. I was just hanging around having a look myself, although I remember feeling nervous for them incase they dropped it. They didn’t though.

    It’s funny, back then I thought you had to be really cool to own one coz she was a bit punky. The whole scenario was almost cyber-punky in fact as the Gameboy packaging looked futuristic to me. I also used to think that if you had a Megadrive it meant you were hard.

    Proved those notions wrong once we started getting our hands on that stuff of course.

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