Cosplay model in upside down proton pack shame!

We all love Ghostbusters here at Grig Orig, so what better combination could there be than Ghostbusters + nice women? None, that’s what. But wait, what’s this?

Upside down PP

No. No, absolutely not.

Crossing the streams is one thing, but wearing an unlicensed nuclear accelerator on your back upside down is quite another. For a start, why is it so small? I mean, I know that technology has advanced since the 80’s, but this is a joke. And surely the production costs wouldn’t be so diminished in our current climate as to the issue of a pack devoid of the gun. I mean what are you supposed to do, throw it at the ghosts?

I’m sorry, but this ‘Sexy Ghostbuster’ costume is a disgrace. There’s nothing sexy about atrocious errors, otherwise my GCSE exam papers would be selling for a packet on the lowly and seedy websites of the world run by desturbed scum and degenerates.


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2 Responses to Cosplay model in upside down proton pack shame!

  1. bedgell says:

    For shame! This is as offensive to me as drawing a picture of Mohamed riding a bike would be to Muslims. Let’s do a protest in London!

    Reminds me that last night I was having a conversation with my lady friend and she hasn’t seen ghostbusters since the 80s. Splutter?! I mean, firstly, how?! And secondly, why not?!?

    But I am of course scared to put it right. What if she doesn’t rate it?! That would be a worse crime than this bag wearing fool – at least she’s trying!

    Advice fellow grigs?!

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