Brucie’s The Price Is Grig!


Nice to see you! To see you…? Groon!

So, I gotta admit that this kiddy on eBay does indeed have a mighty fine collection going on over here. Individually, I would love to own all of these suckers. All together, well, it’s mighty fine, as I think we’ve established.

But can you guess what this punk is asking for this little bundle?! Well, here’s the entry (live as I write) – but before you go a-looking, have a wee guess in the comments deelie first…

higher! lower!

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6 Responses to Brucie’s The Price Is Grig!

  1. Dibbs says:

    Hmm, I reckon £550-£600ish. Course it’s ebay, so OT’s probably double that.

  2. Dibbs says:

    Freaking ‘it’s’! I’ve never written O.T in my life! I’m gonna throw this phone before long. Oh, and not surprised to see what this dudes after. Is a fine collection but that’s crazy.

  3. bedgell says:

    And you goober chops?

  4. lartens says:

    hmm, i’m going to go higher at 800 smackaroons because of the thurough collection and the fact i couldn’t find an englush snatcher at all the other day

  5. bedgell says:

    Well, you’re both kinda right in a way. I’d have guessed at £400 – figuring Snatcher itself at somewhere around £200, and the machine at about £200. Oh actually, there’s that other stuff too – oh maybe £500 then.

    Anyhoo, for the sake of history when we come a-looking at this post in the future long after ebay’s gone bankrupt and the Grig is the only website left standing – he was asking £599.99 starting bid or £1999.99 buy it now. That’s a lot. I could see it getting to £600 – but ballsy to start it there… Ah well – wonder if it’ll sell?

  6. bedgell says:

    Oh and plus – he’s got a feedback score of 1. Much as I might want the stuff he’s got, I wouldn’t touch an auction at that price with no feedback… Dodge.

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