Real journalism folks, GTA V pre orders start Friday

OK, OK, so I’m just re blogging the same old blogging news, apparently according to a source on a blog somewhere, new is coming out of Sweden that pre orders for the unconfirmed pc version of Grand Theft Auto V will open January 31st.
Other sources earlier in the month had seen a bug list with direct x 11 mentioned. And there’s a petition somewhere with 600,000+ signees for the port. I for one have been holding out, switching on the xbox and changing discs is so 2005, pc steam all downloaded no fuss is where its at, and I always have at least the desktop and laptop turned on so it’s a no brainer. Plus it will look better on the PC.

That said, I still have Amnesia to finish, Skyrim and back to the future to continue, and bioshock Infinate, Tomb Raider, and another 20+ games to start. But this game I must have. oh and Zelda skyward sword, that’s high on the agenda too, oh and pokemon Y. But first I need to catch some bugs in animal crossing so I can pay for the renovations on my house. #hardtimes

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4 Responses to Real journalism folks, GTA V pre orders start Friday

  1. bedgell says:

    Hehe yeah you gotta work your way through to this sucka. You know what they need to do? Fix it up so somewhere in gta 5 there’s a tv where you can play computer games. So you can concentrate on gta, while at the same time having a little sandbox action with all the other suckers you got on the go… Me, I want to give last of ya a proper push, then maybe I have another crack at ni no kuni – though I’ll be honest I’m not sucked in yet – and somewhere on the background I also need to finish SNES zelda. So quite why I’m bidding on a load of game cubes so I can play Mario sunshine and wind waker I don’t know. And don’t even get me started on what I’m gonna do with the mega cd if I can’t even get a copy of snatcher. Oh and plus in my game cube search I realised I never got Mario galaxy or twilight princess on wii so now I’m bidding on those too. Hehe, so dude, I’m with ya on the layering. And yet gta right there on the laptop? Hmmm… Tempting…

  2. Dibbs says:

    It’s kinda weird, I was really excited for GTAV, but for some reason, it’s not gripping me in the slightest. I’m determined to get into it, so I’m gonna keep trying, but it just doesn’t have that spark for me. Ho hum!

    I hear ya about the backlog, my list is scary and chock full of 60-hour-minimum JRPG’s. Plus, I’m always hankerin’ to play games again that I enjoyed first time around so I usually feel overwhelmed by the quantity of games waiting for me… and then I just end up doing nothing instead.

  3. bedgell says:

    Haha yeah I know … If I could be arsed getting the wii out I could save myself 20 quid… There are two proper reasons for it tho too – you can roughly get the few games I want cheaper if you by em bundled together with the GameCube than if you bought em separately. (Plus I also need a controller…) And also I’m trying to get one with the screen so I can play it without buying another telly for my bedroom…

    Well. Those and… I literally can not be bothered getting out the wii. Haha

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