Streets of You-what-now?!


What the frick?! Did you know Streets of Rage was on the Master System?!

I’ll accompany that question with these comments:

1. You probably did. In fact, Jimnuts has probably even got this copy of MMS.

2. Even as I type this, I’m getting a déjà vu that I’ve asked this before. But hey, any excuse to post a picture of Blaze in all her 8-bit pixelated glory.

3. My memory’s actually so bad I can’t even remember if I had a Master System. I have memories of playing it in my front room that I’m pretty sure relate to the time we raced diki’s one against my Game Gear. But then I also seem to remember that a Master System was part of what I traded in with the guy in the Camera Exchange when I got my Mega Drive. Especially as – weren’t those manuals we fobbed him off with all Master System ones?!

Anyway, that’s only part of the Streets of Rage related surprise. The other bit being that it was lame… Though as the review suggests, maybe it just beat that little Master System CPU a bit too hard…

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6 Responses to Streets of You-what-now?!

  1. Dibbs says:

    I don’t have this alas, wouldn’t mind it though. Even more weird, Streets of Rage 2 came out on the Master System too. That must’ve put some strain on the beast!

    Another odd gaming anomaly that seems to fly under the radar, is that Gunstar Heroes came out on the Game Gear. Weird shot!

  2. Dibbs says:

    I have a distinct feeling you had a Master Sustem by the way as I remember borrowing Golden Axe off of you. A fine conversion too. In fact, I booted it up only recently and was very surprised by how good it was on the Master System.

    • Dibbs says:

      And of course auto correct thinks ‘Sustem’ is fine. SYSTEM!!!

      • Dibbs says:

        Also just realised that comment sounds like I stole your copy of Golden Axe.

        • bedgell says:

          Haha yeah that crossed my mind… I remember golden axe being way hard, and never getting past the first couple of levels. I don’t remember having it on the megadrive tho so that would kinda make sense. Actually, I definitely remember playing Alex kidd a fair bit – oh and also having those boxes with the really lame cover design – so I figure I did have a master system. The streets of rage 2 thing is way surprising – both the power needed, and the overlap idea again. I know obvs developers don’t immediately stop making gaming for a machine when the successor comes out, but in my head the eras were well defined. Like with megadrive games still coming out after the Saturn was released. Crazy. So what’s weird is by the time we were playing streets of rage 2, you’d think master system would have been old news. But it appears not… I think those two did cross over a lot tho as all those front covers of MMS have them both.

          Meanwhile, lord ALONE knows how the game gear handled gunstar heroes. Badly is my guess. The thing with the game gear tho is it had a really small screen, and not great resolution. So the power needed to make an image that big was probably a lot less than you’d imagine… I don’t really remember any game on that being all that amazing. I mean, lotsa good ones but hard to remember a true classic. Except sonic – which was genuinely good even if it wasn’t anything like the megadrive. Actually wait – there was one stone cold game gear classic. Shinobi. That was properly awesome…

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