Streets of You-what-now?!


What the frick?! Did you know Streets of Rage was on the Master System?!

I’ll accompany that question with these comments:

1. You probably did. In fact, Jimnuts has probably even got this copy of MMS.

2. Even as I type this, I’m getting a déjà vu that I’ve asked this before. But hey, any excuse to post a picture of Blaze in all her 8-bit pixelated glory.

3. My memory’s actually so bad I can’t even remember if I had a Master System. I have memories of playing it in my front room that I’m pretty sure relate to the time we raced diki’s one against my Game Gear. But then I also seem to remember that a Master System was part of what I traded in with the guy in the Camera Exchange when I got my Mega Drive. Especially as – weren’t those manuals we fobbed him off with all Master System ones?!

Anyway, that’s only part of the Streets of Rage related surprise. The other bit being that it was lame… Though as the review suggests, maybe it just beat that little Master System CPU a bit too hard…

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