Sega Alien Naïveté Strikes Again

Here are three things that should fill us all with fear:

1) Any new game made by Sega
2) Any game based on the Alien franchise
3) Any game based on a movie at all

We know that all three are doomed to failure. We know the combination of three near-certain failures leads to one almighty, completely certain failure. We know that Colonial Marines was a colossal let down. And yet I can’t help but be hopeful that one of these will be proved false and bizarrely that, contrary to ALL logic, somehow the combination will ACTUALLY make Alien Isolation an awesome game.

Am I being a total eejit?

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3 Responses to Sega Alien Naïveté Strikes Again

  1. Dibbs says:

    I do like what they’re trying to do with this game – the whole tension and suspense thing with only one Alien is certainly a departure from the usual Alien-blast-a-thon.

    That said, I have zero hype for this, pretty much for the reasons you state.

    I do hope it’s good though. I just have no faith it will be.

  2. bedgell says:

    i just can’t help wanting a new Aliens thing to come out – film, game, whatever. i don’t think there ever will be one that lives up to it. maybe it’s best not to try. Snatcher was probably the best homage to Blade Runner precisely because it didn’t have to do everything the same. Maybe Dead Space is the best tribute to Aliens.

  3. lartens says:

    If they could make it with the immersion of oculus rift, and when the rift comes out with its newer improved version they were showing off at CES, then this could be a nice game. I’m unsure if that’s 2014 or not though.

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