Minecraft, MINDBLOWN, Middle Earth re created, AMAZING

This is incredible, i kid you not, a community over at http://www.minecraftmiddleearth.com has pushed minecraft to its limits with a recreated world mapping out Middle Earth, below is a video done by OMFGcata over on youtube as part of his Outside the Blocks episodes, guided by gandalf and dexter who gave a tour of the shire, bree, rivendale, moria, kings way, kings court, chamber of light etc. It looks fantastic, the caverns are so huge that it was struggling to render, and in parts the night sky was rendered instead. Some of the recreations are 1:1 but others are more like 1:4, even so it apparently would take like 12 hours to walk across the map. What this community have done since October and are continueing to do is darn right breath taking. For those who want the shortest route to awe, go from about 27:00 mimnutes where rivendale was done by hand before plugins made things a little more easier.

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