Maim An Infant You Say? Goodness Me, Yes


Well, stick my head on a spike, Limbo’s only gone and been released on Playstation Network.

Long the preserve of those plucky Xbox types and their wonderful flying machines (erm… XBLA), Copenhagen-based Playdead’s ingenious puzzler wowed indie-sceptics with its highly stylised, hand-drawn visuals when it was released back in the day. Indeed, its moody, black and white backdrops, silhouetted characters and haunting atmospherics bravely set this little beaut apart from even its big budget peers. Well, backdrops yes – that, and the near continual, gory death inflicted on your small child avatar – impaled, sliced, and repeatedly speared by giant spiders simply to evidence your pathetic lack of gaming ability.

Anyhoo, now PS3 owners can get their very own piece of this infant-maiming classic for a mere $14.99 – which, is, ooh five shillings and a thrupenny bit in old money. And if you act fast, you can actually grab yourselves a 20% discount (available for two weeks, you penny-pinching fiends)

PS, PC Steam-fans, don’t despair – you can grab this sucker on August 2nd.

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2 Responses to Maim An Infant You Say? Goodness Me, Yes

  1. Dibbs Ahoy says:

    Grig got the Edge again!
    Usually I only play Street Fighter but this game is really good – why haven’t I bought it yet? Time to invest (on Xbox though I reckon – ‘chievmos ahoy)!

    • lartens says:

      man i played this game through about 7 times in 30 hours. Its brilliant, got all the achievmalartens onw though but this wa brilliant. Complete in one sitting with 5 deaths or less. And there are some tricky timings in this bad boy, i give it a good 97% its the perfect length to enjoy.

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