I got the Poison

Good day my fellow Griggers and welcome to the next few globules of Capcom news spillage fresh from Comic Con! Following on from yesterday’s events, fighting fans are at fever pitch after Capcom accidentally dropped their entire deck of cards in front of the watching world just as they were about to play their Ultimate MvC3 hand! Oof! Heads are gonna roll at Capcom towers methinks, as they’ve just saved themselves four months worth of trolling (ha ha!)! But now my Grigs, it’s time to see if Ono and co can do any better!

As promised, Ono has hit us up with some fresh new Street Fighter x Tekken character reveals, along with a release date for SF3: Third Strike Online! Happy Street Fighting days ahoy!

So lets get into the new characters. As mentioned here on Grig recently, we were getting the distinct impression that something of a Poison-like variety was in the offing for SFxTekken from Ono’s continuous retweeting about her (or him. Fight that one out between yourselves!), and by jove, it seems we were right (for once)! Fresh from the seedy streets of Metro City, Poison looks to have given Hugo the managerial boot and is now putting on her brawling mittens again to show those Tekken punks how they did things in the old school!

sfxtekken poison

Poison’s a dude? Next you’ll be telling me Lady Gaga’s a woman.

Stepping into the arena alongside her is Tekkens Yoshimitsu in the guise of his Tekken 3 self, as I understand it. He was always one of the more intersting Tekkenites from an aesthetic perspective – plus, i actually know who he is – so its good to see him getting the superior Capcom treatment!

sfxt Yoshimitsu

Of course, we cant overlook the other fellas who we have known to have been winging their merry way to SFxTekken-land, and who have at last been officially unveiled – the classic Dhalsim and, er… Steve. Y’know, the boxer dude from the Namco series? No, me neither. But I’m sure he’s a top fellow (and good cannon fodder for one of the Capcom boxers)! Not bad going!

sfxt Dhalsim

sfxt Steve

So, there you have it. The roster looks to be building nicely, but of course, the character who is stealing the headlines is the pink-haired Final Fight veteran who’s inclusion, although rather odd having never actually been playable in SF, is a first look at a Capcom character not recycled straight out of SF4! Clearly having found the key to the Capcom torture chamber that was lost after the completion of SSFIV and finally releasing the developers locked within, we can now look forward to seeing who else they have up their sleeve – just as soon as they lock those E-grade work experience students who were behind AE in there in their place! With people calling out for characters yet to see the 3D polygonal brush from Third Strike, Alpha, and SF1, Capcom have taken a respectable step in showing good faith having listened to fans, and now we cam finally peg a bit of hope on getting to see Rolento, Karin and Elena on the 3D planes of 2011! And then shoe horn them into an AE upgrade. That’s what I’m really after. Anyway…

In other Street Fighter news, Third Strike Online has been confirmed for an August 23rd release on PSN and a day later for XBLA (fanboys ready – FIGHT!), so we finally get to see how good these upgraded graphics and GGPO net code really are. Oh things are looking bright on the Street Fightin’ horizon – happy times!

And just before we go, as an added news bonus, those of you who have picked up Street Fighter IV Volt will be glad to hear that Capcom are bringing the likes of Sakura and the boyish-looking Makoto to our fruit-themed devices at an as yet unknown date. The price, I hear you cry? Why the healthy sum of not a penny dear sir! Well that’s just the kind of asking price that Grig likes to hear! Yes that’s right, picking up where the original iPhone/Pod SFIV left off, it seems Capcom are going to continue their free character upgrading tomgriggery for the foreseeable future! Woo!

At this rate, we might have to start being nicer about Capcom!


Breaking news!

Just as Grig was whacking this face full of Grig up on… er, Grig (too much?), what news of epic proportions doth land in our possession but three items of news-nuggetry the like of which we were not expecting!

First up is the rather spiffing news that rounding out the Final Fight showing in SFxTekken, it looks like Hugo, Cody, Guy and Haggar will be joining the cast if a CGI trailer is to be believed! Although no in game footage has been seen yet, we’re pretty much assuming this lot are confirmed.

Next is the rather strange revelation that the final MK9 DLC character is none other than claw wielding mentalist Freddy Krueger! What the Grig?! But if that wasn’t cool enough…

Darkstalkers are not dead! What Ono and co haven’t been working on in AE, they have been working on in a new Darkstalkers game… hopefully! Knocking us for six comes this news like a bolt out of the blue forcing us to consider taking back all our slandering! Except so far all we’ve got to show for it is this one lousy promo image. Screw you Ca… ah, we can’t even joke about it! Darkstalkers returns my Grigs! Woo! Hype ahoy! Although Capcom have just said that this isn’t a definite confirmation of anything…

They’re going to shoot us down aren’t they?

DarkStalkers teaser

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  1. lartens says:

    Darkstalkers woot, shame they will just cancel it and say there wasn’t enough interest in this dev blog we had so we took that to mean no one wants the game. Yeah i couldnt quote that from what capcom said but that was the gist i got from somewhere or other.

    To be fair, the last mega man i enjoyed was mega man x on the super nintendo right before i hung my pad, you know, to be more grown up when i was 14. Of course that lasted until i met some griggers with daytona on the saturn when i was 15 and then i was back in the game.

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