Wait a minute! PAX is how long away? minecraft adventure not public until after

We here at grigorig aren’t your average tom foolary degenerates, we is very smart. why only today i, the great Lartens, who knows everything there is to know bout chaos theory and predicting weather cycles, put two and two together to calculate the possible release date range of the Minecraft Adventure update 1.8. So here it is, get your abacus out if you’re ready to follow along. PAX is in 40 days and a few hours, that’s August 26th – 28th. And notch said on twitter and google+ that it will “have the first playable version of the Adventure Update there”, but the feedback from that will help tweak it for a public release. Therefore i deduce that the update is a minimum 41 days away, and likely only a little longer. But hopefully not too much longer, just a week longer will do please Mojang.

On a serious note, the combat in 1.8 is suppose to be way more fun. @notch was twittering the other day that he wanted to shoot the moon, i’m guessing that wasn’t a reference to a line in Cheech and Chongs up in smoke, but rather he was playing with the bow and arrow in Minecraft, which he also later tweeted that “I did add an achievement for killing a skeleton with an arrow at 50 meters. Not easy.”

So there you have it folks. 3 days after he said it, hot off the press news. Would you believe game journalism isn’t my day job. Though maybe i should say it is as currently my day job is making a portfolio of work to get a day job. hmmm

In other news, the iphone app i have for pushing rss feeds, has kindly told me at nearly 2 in the morning that my google reader session has expired from their servers and i need to log in, i mean, what if i was sleeping. And i might add that lately its been a day late in pushing feeds. Like cheers. Put a comment if you know of a good trustworthy rss feed pusher app that has keyword pushes too.

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