A Marvellous Upgrade Cometh?

Marvel vs Capcom 3 was a bit like Pippa Middleton’s posterior; it’s not that good, but people don’t half go on about it. But now, a full 6 months after Capcom released said title, they feel they’ve waited plenty long enough before announcing a new version of the game. Thus, taking their cue from WWF legend/lunatic James Hellwig originally known as plain old Warrior, ol’ Cappers have acknowledged that sticking the world ‘Ultimate’ at the beginning of a title makes things twice… nay, thrice as cool! Ladies and gentlegrigs, I give you Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3! Sigh…


Umvc3 logo

Stealing Capcoms thunder ahead of their Comic Con announcement, Amazon today broke the games cover with a listing stating that the title will feature 12 new characters and release on 15th November. Of the 12 newbies, only four are currently known – Hawkeye, Ghost Rider, Firebrand, and Strider Hiryu, and by known, we are talking about in name coz personally I don’t know who the grig any of that lot are except for Strider, but ho hum! Where’s freakin’ Superman?! What do you mean that’s the wrong company? Darn.

Umvc3 newbies

Anyhoo, other than new characters, a raft of improvements are expected with the game, although we tread cautiously my Grigs. This is Capcom after all. But from whats already known so far, it looks like ‘Timate should at least go some way in glossing over the lazy and monumentally lacking features of Capcom stablemate SSFIV Arcade Edition with some legitimate and worthy upgrade efforts! These include updated life bars, huge re-balance changes, additional modes and X-Factor nerfage of the highest order! Oh, and new paid-for costumes. Tssk. Still, apart from that last one, it all looks good to us, and having invested close to one entire hour play time in MvC3, the good-ship-Grig doth conclude that they are addressing all the right areas! Probably.

Ultimate mvc3 Strider Super

One particular avenue in which a miracle would seemingly have occurred is the heavily-fan-requested inclusion of a spectator mode – something that Capcom previously alleged was not feasible over the net with MvC. Yet incredibly, here it is in the update. Why it’s almost as if Capcom were talking out their ayne, forsaking what people wanted on account of avoiding putting effort into development! But let us let bygones be bygones, and for now, through gritted teeth we say ‘Ta very much!’ to the big C!

What is still unclear at this time is whether or not there will be a DLC option for owners of the original disc version. From the upgrades mentioned, it is looking like the only way to Ultimate land will be through a shiny new disc-shaped door. But we merely speculate and I’m sure there will be more info from Comic Con in the coming days! Stay tuned!

Breaking News Ahoy!

Well behind the reporting curve we may be with our main story above, but stick this one in your grig and smoke it! We just got hold of a list of other characters accidentally leaked by Capcom! The characters are: Doctor Strange, Frank West, Iron Fist, Nemesis, Nova, Phoenix Wright, Rocket Raccoon and Vergil. This takes the total to the full 12 as stated! Lovely stuff! Except… who?!!! Darn, I was hoping for better. Oh well, I guess there’s always the next upgrade 6 months after this one. Can we have some new AE characters now Capcom?

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