Money money money, must be funny

And how are our favourite corporate tech giants and entertainment companies doing, i’m talking Nintendo, Microsoft and Apple hear. On the BBC news technology website there was this little article which basically is saying that apple has access to spendable cash either by way of money in the banks or assets that are easily accessible, according to some financial results apple ahas $76.4bn whereas the US Treasury has only $73.7bn. Yeah, that sounds a little ridiculous to us too.

That said, what would you spend it on, apparently apple and Microsoft teamed up to buy a few thousand patents from Nortal, these are the kind of things that either stop a product from happeneing because somebody owns the rights to how it works, or something has already been manufactured and the software does something that has already been patented, like the dispute between apple and HTC with some of the more recent smartphone technology.

Microsoft has also seen some good financial figures in it’s report, apparently its hit record high income of $69.96bn, that’s £43.4bn to us Brits, according to the BBC article i took that from, thanks beeb ^_^ hehe

Not all is good though, both Nintendo and Sony aren’t feeling too well, Sony make a loss after the quake and tsunami that hit japan earlier this year, read more at the BBC here In Nintendo news Iwata is looking to receive a pay cut, as are some of the senior managing directors, including Shigeru Miyamoto who is a legend and responsible for many mario and zelda title to name but a few. These cuts are a reaction to weak sales, in particularly the gimicky 3ds. Although zelda looks amazing on it, there still hasn’t been a huge uptake in the device, though that is also about ready for a price cut, so keep your eye’s peeled. Also early adopters are getting some NES games for it, for free, and eventually they will have online multilayer support woo hoo.

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2 Responses to Money money money, must be funny

  1. Andie says:

    There is definitely a correlation between the companies performing well fiscally and those performing well generally.

    I’d say Apple + Microsoft have had a killer few years, but Sony have had almost nothing but trouble of late and Nintendo has been pretty sub-par too.

    Do you think they’re doing well because they have the money – or they’ve got the money because they’re doing well?

    • lartens says:

      chicken and eggs lol. i totally agree. i think though perhaps it is down to the quality of products, a lot of people prefer microsoft office to open source alternatives. and apple lead in hardware that people want. not to mention microsoft are impacting the casual gamers more. i know a few people with a wii, and we all have to hook it up specially. like you say, good choices from apple and microsoft.

      sonys vita is promising where the psp died out pre pspgo, that was just a waste. the 3ds is dissapointing on the whole dispite zelda being amazing, and the wii u is 3 years too late. though i’m sure many will upgrade from their wii just to get better definition. even the component cable on the wii improved over the compositte.

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