Hairy Golden Axe Wound and Cheap ChuChu for All!

Well stroke my bunions if SEGA haven’t chucked a load of iOS gaming on the bank holiday bonfire. This stuff is going so cheap that taking it off them is effectively looting. Which we couldn’t possibly urge you to do. But should you have a saucy 69p to spare, you can have all the fun – with none of the illegality and long term prison sentencing that would otherwise await you.

So SEGA have effectively saved you from jail! Like Colin Firth in Bridget Jones! What a bunch of sexy British heroes. Who are actually Japanese. Or American. Or something.

Right. Erm. Where were we? Oh yeah, some cheap games – well, here they are people. Get buying!

Golden Axe™ 2: $0.99/ 69p / 79¢
(was $2.99/ £1.99/ €2.39)
Golden Axe™ 3: $0.99/ 69p / 79¢
(was $2.99/ £1.99/ €2.39)
Streets of Rage™ 2: $0.99/ 69p / 79¢
(was $2.99/ £1.99/ €2.39)
Streets of Rage™ 3: $0.99/ 69p / 79¢
(was $2.99/ £1.99/ €2.39)
Gunstar Heroes™: $0.99/ 69p / 79¢
(was $2.99/ £1.99/ €2.39)
ChuChu Rocket!™ : $0.99/ 69p / 79¢
(was $2.99/ £1.99/ €2.39)
ChuChu Rocket!™ HD (iPad): $0.99/ 69p / 79¢
(was $4.99/ £2.99/ €3.99)

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2 Responses to Hairy Golden Axe Wound and Cheap ChuChu for All!

  1. lartens says:

    Big B you old slutbag, what uuuuuup dawg?

    Chu chu had an update not long ago, i wonder if that multi player action works now?

  2. bedgell says:

    Defo worth another try – but if it’s still as bad as it was before then Sega are getting a very sternly worded letter. Where “letter” means “turd in a bag” and “sternly worded” means “flaming”

    Oh ps original Golden Axe is also cheap. Not Sonic tho. That’s the sucka I’m waiting for.

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