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In a dream i can see, you are not far away: NiGHTS is coming back in HD

Happy 16th birthday NiGHTS. The beautiful NiGHTS into Dreams game from the glorious Sega Saturn is finally making its retro comeback HD style this fall. First lets show the vid. Roll it. July 5th is NiGHTS birthday, it was 1996 … Continue reading

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Old is New, and some of the New is just a guess

Ok, so we’ve got some old classics being re done for the xbla psn scene, two of which are saturn titles that are valueble on the bay, like Guardian Heroes and the japanese only release radient silvergun. There was also … Continue reading

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Aminal Team plays Streets of Rage remix

What used to be a day for Aminal to play some guitar, and write a little music, soon turned into a day where Super Street Fighter IV was played with our Tournament Edition Arcade Fight Sticks. And thus the birth … Continue reading

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