Aminal Team plays Streets of Rage remix

streets of rage remake title screenWhat used to be a day for Aminal to play some guitar, and write a little music, soon turned into a day where Super Street Fighter IV was played with our Tournament Edition Arcade Fight Sticks. And thus the birth of a new challenge begun, what games can we play with these new bad boys. The Answer? other than an impromptu Crazy Taxi session, Streets of Rage Remix that’s what.

Well we played it griggers, unfortunately there were some technical difficulties here in the grig offices so we can’t show you, maybe next week, when you’ve moved on and seen it all before. But this week we bring you our first impressions of the remix, plus some game play footage of the XBOX Arcade version of Streets of Rage 2, something that was originally planned for last week, but it turned out that Dibbs purchase wasn’t allowed to play the full game on my xbox, even though he was signed in. Buhr.
The download link was taken down, and the thread over at was locked to stop discussions about it. who knows whats going on?

So the remix, it looked just like a good ol’ Megadrive title, except running at a higher framerate, and on Windows PC, unfortunately FRAPS wasnt able to record from it, but i eventually got the snipping tool out to grab some screen shots.

blaze beating on the enemy

blaze fireballs the enemy

The music captures the essence of back in the day with some humdinger tunes, which can also be accessed in the options, just select a BGM to listen to while you work on your final year projects or something. (that’s right, that’s what i should be doing right now).

You know what, Dibbs Ahoy knows more about Streets of rage than me, let’s see if he wants to add to the article.

Dibbs Ahoy: Challenge accepted! Ooh, it’s a bit like the individual comments that they used to have in Mean Machines reviews – me like! Well, I gotta say I enjoyed what we played so far. The gameplay was slick, flowing and the whole thing had a solid feel about it managing to avoid the cheap feel that a lot of fan made projects sometimes have where it seems like it’s gonna crash at any second. The levels we played were familiar, yet refreshingly different, featuring alternate stage routes and interesting additional touches (sniper dude, leave me be you swine!). The hat tipping to other genre great Final Fight was also a nice touch as we took out thugs on a subway ride that must’ve been being pulled by the train from Back to the Future 3, as it seemed to just make the years roll back to a time when all was right in the world. And I’ve gotta say, the soundtrack is awesome! The remixes and presumably original tracks hit that nostalgic nail right on the head and is beyond what I could have hoped for had Streets of Rage 4 ever become a reality – outside of the lame looking tech demos that are on Youtube. Or Fighting Force. Anyhoo, not one to want to speak on someone else’s behalf, but surely Yuzo Koshiro would be proud! All in all, I’m looking forward to my next sitting with this badboy! Just gotta to remember to run and jump on that pesky train roof level. Run and jump darn it. Run and jump…

Streets of rage screens shot of blaze

streets of Rage screenshot, blaze and axle

streets of rage remix screenshot barfight

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5 Responses to Aminal Team plays Streets of Rage remix

  1. Dibbs Ahoy says:

    I like the way in every screenshot Axel is just standing around letting Blaze do all the work – it’s political correctness gone mad, ha ha! Good game though, bring on next week!

  2. lartens says:

    haha, yeah, with a distinct lack or print screen ability on a macbook keyboard, it was hard going just to get that. I lost 6 lives already half way through the level or something. To be fair, the AI of the CPU player was pretty good on the normal setting, so well done to the developers on that one.

  3. bedgell says:

    see that’s a shame – but after 8 years i could understand if they kinda wanna just leave it now… so instead – next challenge -playing that sucks with an xbox pad. can it be done?

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