Those Americans just keep sticking the boot (fair) in


So on the subject of boot fairs (I’m randomly linking from the comments somewhere about the place), I never seem to find any that have any freaking games at them. Do you?! And this goes for markets and second hand shops and that. Cash Converters has a load of Xboxes and DS Lites but that’s about it.

So it’s grinding my grig to

follow this sucker on tumblr who’s always posting about stuff he just found, and posting picture like this:


and saying about the games convention he went to, like the one up top. Where the frick are these in England?!

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  1. Dibbs says:

    We always get shafted in England. Charity shops used to be ok but now too many people are looking for retro stuff. Bootfairs are getting tougher too. I did get a few awesome hauls a few years back, but the last couple of summers have been quite barren. Could just be the ones nearby though coz people on Twitter I follow seem to manage to turn up some consistent gold.

    The first thing that went through my head from that convention pic was ‘Look at all those 60hz Megadrive games!’ Another UK annoyance. I got a 60hz switch on my Megadrive now, but now I got the problem of on some games they optimised the sound for PAL to play at the correct speed, so when I flick the switch it plays the music too fast. You just can’t win! I mean, it’s not a big deal, but on games with very distinctive music like Aladdin, it’s certainly a Grig grinder!

  2. lartens says:

    actually a stall the size of the one pictured assuming no more out of frsme can be found at comic con sometimes. however, they no their market, so its either krud or expensive. usually krud and still over priced.

  3. bedgell says:

    yeah that is the thing – this comic con looks awesome but i bet everything they’re selling is crazily overpriced… i had this dream last year that went on four HOURS that was just me in a retro games shop (i think it was based on hmv in birmingham circa 2003) that was just FULL of retro games for cheap. but i spent AGES looking for the japanese game gear sonic and couldn’t find it. when i woke up i was so gutted… these days, if i found a market stall that even had snes games i’d be amazed. but they generally sell em at 20 quid-ish and that just ain’t fun…

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