Retro City Rampage nearly here

Retro City Rampage coming soonRetro City Rampage, tank blowing stuff up
8 Bit indie gem Retro City Rampage has been in the making for what seems like an eternity, but with the rumour mill grinding away as it does, it seems that wait is nearly over. Creator Brian Provincniano told a well known gaming blog (not unlike our own, hehe) that the game will be coming in May, that’s this May, not May 2013, but May 2012, that’s right.

The game looks a lot like the top down original turtles game on the NES, or like commando, ikari warriors (maybe), paper boy, smash tv, that annoying level in turtles where you have to swim, and many other back in the day style. It is a parody of a large open world action game, with cameos of modern day tech/game journalist and nods to many retro pop culture geekdom. The action pits you the Player against the evil good guys as you hit the town with whatever carnage you can muster. Check the official video.

Retro City Rampage “Big News” Trailer 2012 from Vblank on Vimeo.

This Bad Ass is the must have game of 2012, especially if you’re over 25, pricing is looking aroung the $15 dollar mark, BARG, but wait i hear you cry, what platform? Fear not, as its XBLA, playstation Vita, PS3, WiiWare and PC/Steam. That about covers it, nobody gets left out. Unless you’re iPad/iPhone/3ds owners only, in which case maybe. Personally I’m going with XBLA, and if i get a Vita then that too, and if i see it on a steam sale via the new steam iPhone app then maybe then too. it just looks tooo good.

Pc owners can pre order for some extra bonuses on teh official site where along with the DRM free pc version as soon as it’s released, you’ll also get the steam version, some soundtracks, and a 20% off coupon for merch, and who doesn’t like retro 8-bit geek apparel eh?

Retro City Rampage -Swimming like a turtleRetro City Rampage screenshot, guy punching a copRetro City Rampage - paper Boy styleRetro City Rampage Commando lookingRetro City Rampage, tank blowing stuff upRetro City Rampage coming soon

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