Quake Live – Let’s Frag ’em

Quake Live is quake in the browser with a plugin, and it looks wicked, and plays brilliantly, you may have recently seen a game with @notch, @jeb, and i think @kappische of Mojang play some young dude and a couple of guys to do with the minecraft for free website that notch asked to be taken down.

Well now, this week running 30th April to 6th May 2012, quake is allowing premium content free. This is the middle tear, there is the standard free to join and have some access, the premium which allows access to more content, and pro which has all content and allows you to create your own matches. Premuim is £1.59 per month billed anually, and pro is £3.18 per month also billed anually, very reasonable if you ask me.

Now at work we play Unreal Tournement but with the ease of setting up an account and downloading the plugin i’m voting we try this sucka out for a while, it looks fantastic, fluid playing and old school, love it.

Now what you waiting for, go over to quakelive.com, sign up and start fragging, there’s even a practice mode against some bots to ease you in. By the by, i used the Chrome browser, but apparently latest chrome firefox and 32 bit ie 8 and above are supported too. And is apparently running on Windows, mac and Linux. Boo ya.

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