In a dream i can see, you are not far away: NiGHTS is coming back in HD

Happy 16th birthday NiGHTS.
The beautiful NiGHTS into Dreams game from the glorious Sega Saturn is finally making its retro comeback HD style this fall. First lets show the vid. Roll it.

July 5th is NiGHTS birthday, it was 1996 when the Sonic Team developed game was released in Japan, we saw it in the uk somewhen in October. The gameplay was unique, the music was the best you will find anywhere, and the addictive score attack is a finally honed art. If there was one game i was truly good at, with scores worth celebrating it’s this. So bring on the internet connected leader-boards. oh yeah.

The new HD version will be available on Xbox live arcade, the playstation network and PC, as you can see in the trailer there is a steam logo, saweet.

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