My top kickstarter games to keep an eye on right now, cos I just looked

Did you want to play a simulation game like the new (last year) Sim City V but were put off by the failure and publisher, well sometime in the next couple of years, probably three by Kickstarter standards there is The Universim. Advertised delivery is October 2015 for the early beta.

Next up Heart Forth Alicia. This little beaut has that retro look (think Symphony of the night on the amazing SEGA Saturn), but GRiG, I was sold on the opening island in the clouds, Laputa style. Described as a ’90’s-inspired Metroidvania RPG about a young wizard on her journey to stop a Spirit form consuming her homeland’ I think this is a backer, already trippled it’s goal and 6 days left to go as of writing, check it.

Lastly the reason I took a ganders on Kickstarters games today in the first play, Adventures of Pip. You start as a few pixels but the more you trounce on your enemies the fuller bittier you become, if that’s even a thing. Will you take up arms with me brother, and defend Pixel Kingdom from evil.

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  1. Dibbs says:

    Looks a good batch. I heard that some dude who used to work for WayForward was behind that Adventures of Pip game which bodes well. I think the upcoming games I’m most looking forward to are Kickstarters these days. Except Ultra SFIV of course.

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