Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch is coming to Europe

Ni No Kuni ScreenshotBooYah, Level-5 the developers of Ni No Kuni(a PS3 RPG with animation from Studio Ghibli) have had their little get together exhibit thing and have announced that NAMCO BANDAI will be publishing this bad boy in both North America and now Europe, Huzzah, that’s right Europe ^_^. The GRiGORiG localise Ni No Kuni campaign on facebook has paid off. I’m sure they looked at it, they must have hehe. Mini-wave in celebration to us ^_^ (and by us i mean you too, thanks for supporting the campaign, come on, do the mexican wave thing like chandler does “in the one with the football”, i don’t believe you’re doing it….. there it is).

Ni No Kuni is released in Japan later this fall, and we can expect a subtitled version early next year, well not too early, but by then we may of completed at least some of the other dozens of titles that are out/soon to be released this fall.

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