The Legend of GRiG ORiG! A Link To Benny’s Past


Ahoy there retro fans – the bedgell Zelda challenge is officially… ON! Because we’ve finally (almost) got our happy little hands on a copy of the SNES beauty.

Already our little Zelda adventure has seen our brave warrior (me) trek across the dark world (Brighton), face fierce enemies (the guy in Games Crib who had no Zeldas), and try to fill our little jars at many stores (eBay, who had many Zeldas).

What have we found so far? Retro gaming is definitely big business – there’s a shed load of SNES Zelda carts shipping constantly, most for around 20-quid unboxed. With the manual and box there’s plenty on there for upwards of £60 dibbers. (That’s $4,536 to our American friends…) A-mazing.

So, we all know what’s next – time for bedgell to complete SNES Zelda after many shameful years of failing to do so… And just for laughs – here she is! Not long now my love!

Benny's Zelda

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  1. Dibbs Ahoy says:

    Da da da daaaaaa!

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