The SNES Zelda Challenge Starts Here!

So even though I’m only part way through Twilight Princess, I’ve gone and got the bug for completing SNES Zelda… It actually started from completing MW2 and thinking how i hardly ever bother to actually complete games. And, true enough, even though it’s one of the most classic ever beauts, I never did finish SNES Zelda. SO, first I’m gonna buy that sucka, and that starts today!

But in the meantime, check out this awesome Zelda-modded SNES that I found while looking for pics of the game…

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3 Responses to The SNES Zelda Challenge Starts Here!

  1. lartens says:

    dude, i still cant believe you never completed zelda, i mean i remember we were so sych’d about ocarina of time, weren’t you trying to get a cardboard cut out, i definately remember getting the empty boxes from somewhere, possibly even woolworths, but to know that you didn’t even complete a link to the past, forshame.

    • bedgell says:

      i mean, if you add up all the times i got into the dark world then i did put in the hours – and repeating the same bit about twenty times takes some serious dedication… but this time i’m totally gonna nail it… plus, cos i can use the classic RF, i can use any telly – allowing miz to watch some sky related rubbish on the bigass beauts, and me to bring in a portable… hehehehehe

      • lartens says:

        dude, you know you can rock snes emulator on the psp right. err, train journey twice a day, recharge at work, you’ll be done in no time. Plus multiple save states wherever, i mean i know its not original snes, but its an option that suits your commuting

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