720 inbound?

Following on from yesterday’s article by actually bothering to write something new for the Grig, I venture forth once more and set my sights firmly on the future as we plot a course for the next generation!

Now this is no Star Trek related tomgriggery my dear mongers of mucusade (thats like Lucozade, except made of bile.), oh no. This, my fellow leviathans of lethargic letchery, is all about the next wave of consoles that will be gracing our humble living rooms, spotty teenage bedrooms, and steel bar motifed hovels of inmates spending their days at her majesties pleasure, at some point yet to be confirmed.

‘But what has prompted the Grig only now to step into the fray during these times of constant next-gen speculation?’, I hear you cry. Well, boredom mainly. But also because reports reverberating around the halls of Internet domainary far and wide have been alive with the sound of an announcement that might not be too far off!

Basically, a source close to the site spawned by pretentious bag of putrid slush of a magazine, Edge, has been spilling their guts before the very fellows that man the helm of said vessel. Apparently, this source revealed that Ubisoft Montreal are currently in possession of “target boxes based on the intended specifications of Microsoft’s Xbox 360 successor.” Intriguing indeed my dear Griggers! But there’s more!

Reports have also gone on to say that other large developers are likewise dipping their fingers into the next-gen pie with convicted serial video game offender EA already dabbling with said tech, no doubt trying to find the copy and paste function in preparation for the new FIFA as we speak!

A more solid version of the proper development kit is allegedly scheduled to be making its merry way to developers far and wide come the end of the year, with Microsoft looking to be blubbing like excitable school girls at a JLS concert when they take the lid off their new beast with an announcement at the CES Expo in January – part of which maybe the potential release date of late 2012 thats being bandied round. Not long to go then before we find out if this hullabaloo is for real, or if someone’s just looking to grind our Grig!

Additionally the site also reports that the wheels are well in motion over at Playstation’s developmental torture chamber, with head honchos already waving their Sony branded cattle prods menacingly at the staff of one of their ‘major’ studios in between meetings plotting how badly they’re gonna shaft us Europeans this time around as they ready their next behemoth for action. I look forward to many vacant queue barriers at midnight launches, a la PS3, all across the country!

Oh, and just to round things off nicely, we should probably mention the Wii U. But that’s quite enough about that.

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