Jobsy resigns as ceo of apple, yeah, that’s what i’m calling him

Seriously though, when you have health problems but can still steer a company to have access to more cash than the US Government, you’ve done well enough, you might as well leave it there and call it a day. The metaphorical Goliath that is Apple inc has lost another great founder at the reigns, for the second time in this case (some weird spat in the 80’s). Apple inc has become a leader of innovation and quality. Truth be told they always were, only now they’re a little more main stream.

Back in secondary school, I had this friend, a weird friend mind, who was always going on about his macintosh, and how it was better than the Amiga and even Nintendo, can you believe that, and yeah this was a looonng time ago, like early nineties, I was like, no dude, commodore rules, and Nintendo’s even better, they got the joypad (coming from years of torture of an unresponsive joysitick). So now i’ll admit it, Vanbreeda, whereever you are, I was wrong, I mean I love commodore, mostly the c16 plus 4 I had as a kid, but since getting back into computers at the turn of the millennium, I have a new fondness of the retro computers, and macintosh were good, I just didn’t realise it yet. Sure I’ve seen that movie with the kid from weird science as Bill Gates, where it looks like the MS windows idea came from a visit to Apple, who may or may not of got the idea from Xerox PARC. But despite that little faux pas, they still innovated, the ipod for instance, which is just the bestest technology ever, and I’m talking to those who know what it was like to carry a chunky walkman with the one chewed up album in it and maybe another in a rain drenched pocket. But before all this, before the macintosh, and before the Lisa, Jobs and Wozniak pioneered, creating some of the first personal computers for hobbyists and the like, i think i read somewhere that they even designed breakout for atari arcade cabinets, but atari couldn’t use them the design was too complicated for atari engineers or something. Steve Wozniak was the engineer, and Jobs was the business, together they founded one of the biggest and best companies out there, and my hats off to you well done Steve, and other Steve. Good Job.

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  1. Dibbs Ahoy says:

    Luckily I didn’t waste my time with any of those other companies and sided firmly with Sega who were better than all of them and that’s why they’re still going so strong until this day.



  2. lartens says:

    Sega made the right move though staying out of the console wars. That said, they are destroying their old IP’s, Sonic Generations is still possibly a recovery, Binary Domain could be a good newbie, i’m finding it hard to find a list of first party games, what they publish doesn’t really count.

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