Don’t Cross The Streams Mr Lipson! (Oh, OK. Do…)

Hurrah for completely insane Mad Professors! Without them, there’d be no Frankenstein, no flux capacitors, and definitely no Weird Science-style creation of hot 80s chicks with Commodore-designed mega-boobs! (though admittedly, although they tinkered with Kelly LeBrock’s tonkers, they were actually not that impressive when she appeared out of the ether…)

Anyhoo, the point is that mad scientist antics should always be celebrated. Which is why we simply rejoiced when we saw that some CRAZY science nutjob had hooked up two chatbots together to see what would happen. What. A. WACKJOB! Yes, Hod Lipson is a brave and worthy adventurer. IGNORING the risk of a total collapse in the space-time continuum! FLOUTING the possibility of total protonic reversal! OBLIVIOUS to the possibility that they’d end up randomly spouting buh about unicorns.

You can see the insane Mr Lipson explaining his universe-risking decision over at But be warned – his insanity may be contagious.

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