Goooooooo! 3DS for £115, i don’t think the ambassador program makes up for that

3DS pricesWe’ve seen the news that Nintendo were slashing their prices, but so far I’d only seen US prices, which are usually considerably lower (after exchange rates) than in the UK because of tax, but i had no idea it was going to be £115 on I paid something like £190 with a voucher for £12 pound off on launch day. Now they have released this Ambassador program whereby early adopters that visit the eshop with their 3ds before the end of 12/08/11 will get 10 free nes games on the virtual console, and 10 free gameboy games when they become available, though slightly earlier than everyone else. But seriously, that doesn’t appease me in the slightest. Even if i had free run of 20 games from the virtual console it wouldn’t make up for it. So if you don’t have a 3ds and you are into legally buying your games, and you don’t already have anything after the original ds, then it looks like this is a good time to buy. Zelda is amazing, and they may have other games worth getting soon to, maybe.

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