Make Like A Leaf, and Tree

OK, OK, so it looks eeeeeeeeever so slightly limited but … whoop! THE HOVERBOARD IS HERE!

Sadly, though, that sentence kind of sums things up. Because the first words out of our collective mouth should have been crafted from pure excitement. Thrills! Whoops! and Hollers! You know – maniacal gibbering at the sheer, unbelievable wonderfulness of it all. After all, the hoverboard is man’s ultimate destiny. The true goal of the renaissance, the reformation, the rebellion and, well, probably Buddha. At this news, this VIDEO, our world should have simply IMPLODED with happiness.

But it didn’t. It was “Oh. I couldn’t ride behind a pickup to try to steal back my sports almanac.” And until that day, we’re not quite there.

Until then, though, at least it hovers! And just like the real thing, it won’t work on water! I mean, it won’t work on almost anything, but hey! That’s score one for the inventions from our past team! Go, accidental successes!

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