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Make Like A Leaf, and Tree

OK, OK, so it looks eeeeeeeeever so slightly limited but … whoop! THE HOVERBOARD IS HERE! Sadly, though, that sentence kind of sums things up. Because the first words out of our collective mouth should have been crafted from pure … Continue reading

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Indie Game the Movie back on kickstarter

You may remember a while ago that 2 people were making a documentary on Indie developers and games, there was a teaser featuring the 2 developers from team meat, the creators fo super meat boy. Well now it’s back on … Continue reading

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Kickstarter Chip Maestro looks gooooooood. 8-bit yo

Over at kickstarter.com, Jarek Lupinski has opened up a project he is working on to use a NES cartridge in a NES console with a midi in connector, the project is titled “Chip Maestro – An NES MIDI Synthesizer Cartridge” … Continue reading

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