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Everything in one big rolling beauty, was gonna be an option to put posts on the homepage, but naything not in quirks ahould go on to the home page anyway

Stop press: Grig in actual Sega news shocker!

Well, actually it’s not official news, so perhaps that headline is misleading. Falling at the first hurdle! Oof! But to be fair, it’s actually better than real Sega news, especially since real Sega is a dead entity that’s nothing more … Continue reading

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Hatching Change: A Closer Look

So hot on the heels of my past efforts (roughly an article 7 or 8 years ago) to break down the barriers and establish the firm connection between Teri Hatcher and video games, I figured why not go even further … Continue reading

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Crazy Taxi: Update of Grig!

Well my winter mission was short lived. Check this shizzle out! Now you might not be able to tell, but that says $32,550.49. But it looks highly dubious due to the shaky nature of the picture, all credit to my … Continue reading

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So near, and yet so far…

Grig mongers! Whassup?! How’ve you been, etc, etc, etc. Well, after a 7 year hiatus I thought y’know what? I’m gonna make a post. And here it is. But pray tell, what is of such earth shattering significance it can … Continue reading

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OH YEAH! Baby we’re BACK!!!!

Oof, it’s been a long time old friend, the grigadiers are back. Dibbs has made new videos on his youtubes. And ol’ Benny boy has been busy on the twitch And yours truly finally got control of grigorig again. … Continue reading

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We all live in a pokemon world for realsy

Its happened, it’s finally happened, you go out into the real world with scary people and you literally catch wild digital pokemon. And every other bugger is doing the same thing, it’s practically normal. Huzza. I’m not saying there’s going … Continue reading

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The Loooooong Contained…

Woah, so it’s 15 years since I left university?! WOAH!! It’s 20 years since Pokemon!! WOAH, it’s 476 millennia since I posted part one of the Grand Revotunion! And all through March I was like “nah, I’ll wait til April … Continue reading

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Oculus Rift, it came, it went, I’m going to Switzerland

As you know I’ve been looking forward to a better rift for years. Three years ago this month I received the First Development Kit that went out to backers, and the immersion was amazing, but the screen door effect was … Continue reading

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Everybody’s Looking For That Soooooooooomething…

Somewhere in this grimy universe lives a man… A man who knows what crazy ass buh i did to that last article so the comments didn’t work. That man is not me. So this Postman-themed follow-up is purely a depository … Continue reading

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Consumer Oculus Rift confirmed 499 GBP

   son of a motherless goat. The Oculus Rift will cost a staggering £499 here in the UK with current shipping time of Q2 2016!! Fortunately four years ago I backed it on kickstarter and get this little beaut for … Continue reading

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