Sword Art Online: Hollow Fragment heading to EU Vitas


So get this right, there’s an anime/manga/light novel that focuses on characters who play an online MMORPG with the use of an emmersive headset that intercepts any movement and puts it into the game rather than their physical bodies. Except in this game they can’t leave, if outsiders force the headset off they die, if their in game characters die they also die in the real world.

All this is exciting stuff, but we’re pretty sure the RPG game coming to Vita this summer won’t have this feature and you’ll be able to put the vita down to eat your pop tart before continuing on.

Trapped in the game they all aim to beat the 100 levels so they can escape, people are there so long they form little communities pick a trade to live from.

The good news is the trailer for the already released Japanese version shows many characters from the anime and Asuna does look hot, the word is there will be a focus on the relationships which is one of the best parts of Sword Art Online, Kirito plays the reclusive level upper and main protagonist whilst Asuna is the little cutie love interest.

Sword Art Online for the vita is developed by Banpresto and published by BANDAI NAMCO Games with a July 2014 release according to the website http://www.bandainamcogames.co.uk/product/sword-art-online-hollow-fragment/ps-vita#tab-description

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  1. Dibbs says:

    Looks nice, I much prefer JRPG’s rather than the Western stuff. I think Banpresto also did that Gunnm/Battle Angel Alita game I’ve got. Are they the official anime to game conversion dudes or something? Whatever, this game looks pretty cool.

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