Minecraft comes to Vita and others in August

Mojang have pretty much announced that XBOX One, PS4 and Vita version of their massively popular sandbox game is coming in August. Better yet the Vita version can swap saves with the p3, it’s also part of that buy on one own on both shindigs. If you already own a current gen console version of Minecraft then for a year you can upgrade to that consoles successor version for $4.99 otherwise pricing is $19.99 as with Vita. We’ll assume near the £15 mark over in the griggin blighty. You can also transfer your saves from lower to higher gen but not back again.

This is all very exciting, not a fan of the mobile version I’ve still wanted a full version whilst mobile, and the vita is perfect, and like I say, the save file can go to the ps3 and continue from their, marvelous.

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  1. bedgell says:

    Reckon you’d have to physically transfer save file or could ya do via Internet? Cos that’d be pretty sweet

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