Grig of the Dump

It’s another dark day in Segaville. Not quite your standard Sega-tinted gloom, the like of which you may expect to be accompanied by the release of a new Sonic game, but a darkness deeper and more menacing than even the sight of Nights speaking could possibly muster (just). No, this is a day out of history. A day that the final globule of spit seeped into the earth of Sega’s grave. A day that Sony’s influence on the decaying games industry finally silenced the voices of those who still hark back to a time of running free in sun soaked pastures under Sega-blue skies. A day that, if it’s at all possible in these times of identikit shooters and rip-off DLC, is a shade darker than the norm. Quite an achievement given we live in a world where EA exist every day.

 For the past 15 or so years, those that have stood firm against the industries evil figureheads have had a place to vent their increasingly more pessimistic and twisted thoughts. And as the years rolled by faster than Sonic in his prime and things started going from bad to worse, it was only a matter of time until something had to give. For as Sega’s release schedule became little more than a joke as they wronged their fans over and over again until the only thing left to smile about was laughing at the peeing game they began installing in urinals, there was an impending sense that the end was nigh.

 On the 29th March 2011 UK Resistance shut its doors for good.

 This website is essentially the online equivalent of what you would have if Mean Machines had kept going to this day – an institution long past it’s prime existing in a world that it no longer understands, watching once young and enthusiastic hopefuls age disgracefully and become so bitter and twisted that only hazy memories of the Europe at War coverage of empty queue barriers at Sony’s midnight PS3 launch could even come close to cracking a smile.

 UK Resistance, today we salute you! And as once written in the likes of Sega Saturn magazine as it bowed out…

 Game over yeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaah!

 Yeah, I went there.

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  1. bedgell says:

    oh man, i can’t handle listening to that music. serious nostalgia-feeling-gutted overload

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