Quiet. Peaceful. Serene. Until The Frickin’ T-Virus Wakes Up…

Zombie Raccoons

Well, I never. Capcom has gone and announced a tie-in between their popular Resident Evil franchise, and animated 80s feelgood classic The Raccoons. (You remember: Bert, the pigs, that guy with a funny nose and a cigar. Erm… you do remember this, right?)

Anyhoo, the next sequel has been dubbed Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City, and although details are scarce at this early stage, we’re making the huge assumption from the name that it will feature zombie cartoon critters, mutated into horrendous nightmare beasts by the ravaging effects of bio-chemical exposure. While Capcom have released absolutely no supporting evidence for this theory – instead, stating only that the new game will be released on PC, PS3 and Xbox 360 this winter, and feature a team-on-team mode, plenty of zombies, and new “Bio-Organic Weapons” – our cleverly constructed mock-up of the game’s logo clearly features Bert Raccoon and that pink one. (Was he called Cedric? He’d make a good zombie.) And if that isn’t proof, I don’t know what is.

Admittedly, after the jump you’ll find the actual release details from Capcom, and these pretty much contradict all of the the above. As do the tasty teaser and debut trailer vids that we’ve purloined from those good folks. But I’ll tell ya one thing that’s not a load of made up shizzle: the new 3DS title, Resident Evil: The Mercenaries 3D, will ship with a playable demo of Resident Evil Revelations. And that game has several of the Thundercats in it. Seriously, you heard it here first. (Just don’t tell anyone that, for various legal reasons.)

Debut Trailer:

“It is September 1998 and the action centers once more on the ill-fated Raccoon City and the horrific consequences of the deadly T-virus outbreak from the Umbrella facility. With a cover up required, Umbrella orders an elite team into Raccoon City to destroy all evidence of the outbreak and eliminate any survivors. Hearing of this plan, the US Government dispatches its own special forces to uncover any evidence that exposes the cause of the viral infection and Umbrella’s actions. Players take on the role of an Umbrella Security Services soldier (U.S.S.), competing alone or in four player co-op in a battle against all the competing forces at play in Raccoon City.

Expect the return of original Resident Evil enemies, iconic landmarks such as the Raccoon City Police Department and fan favorite characters, including Leon S. Kennedy, who as a rookie police officer in Raccoon City is on your hit list to eliminate. Players will experience a retelling of classic moments from past titles Resident Evil 2 and Resident Evil 3 and watch the events unfolding from the menacing perspective of the Umbrella Security Service, giving fans the chance to rewrite the history of the Raccoon City outbreak.

In addition, Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City will deliver a number of competitive online multiplayer modes. Each one of these will provide a unique gaming experience thanks to the three way combat between the Umbrella Security Service, US Special Ops and threat of zombies and B.O.W’s that could only exist in the deadly and twisted Resident Evil Universe.”

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2 Responses to Quiet. Peaceful. Serene. Until The Frickin’ T-Virus Wakes Up…

  1. bedgell says:

    bummer. seems the vids are knackered – watch this space!

  2. Dibbs Ahoy says:

    Oh cool, I been waiting for some footage of this. Gotta wait till I get home though to watch it though – griiiiiiiiiiiiiig!

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