Nintendo 3DS in Da House

We here at grigorig endevour to give you the newest of the new. So we bring you a couple of videos of the unboxing of the 3DS, and first impressions of street fighter in 3d. But if it was to be put into words, i would say the 3D in the 3DS depth filled and layered rather magically, and well worth the £185 i payed for it. Wait a minute, £185, that was the cheapest anywhere, sorry folks, my mom had a coupon at sainsburys, £12 off a £60 shop. Ordinarily its £197 until the 8th of April when it returns and levels out at £220, or atleast according to the sign that was there it does.

Anyway, the videos, we’ve got the unboxing by the dorky sounding me, some street fighter action, plus some tasty augmented reality clips after the continue, check it out ^_^

More videos hiding after the continue….

Street Fighter

Augmented reality

Little guy on my phone

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