The GRiG goes Mortal Kombat Video Crazy

Truth is, over at GRiG Towers, Street Fighter has always ruled the 2D-fighter roost. More fluid, more imaginative, more addictive than its Mortal Kombat peers, the SF franchise has just always had the edge. Of course, we love a bit of blood and gore, and there’s definitely a healthier balance of psychos in bikinis in your average MK game – but that’s just never been enough to overcome the wooden and, well, stilted, gameplay.

So how are we feeling about the latest instalment, coming to PS3 and Xbox 360 in April 2011 from our good pals at NetherRealm?

Well, I’ll tell ya how we’re feeling. Somewhere in the expansive gulf between “meh” and “holy mama, that’s a whole new 2D-fighting engine right there with the return of the gore, up to four player tag team, co-op arcade mode and the return of all our favourite beauts from Liu Kang to Raiden”. You know, somewhere between those two. And in the back of our little griggy-minds, there’s the issue of PS3 owners getting a sneaky exclusive as Kratos enters the fray as a playable character for the first time, and the whole thing coming in lush Stereoscopic 3D. Admittedly, while Lovely for Lartens (PS3), that blows hard for Benny (Xbox). Dibbs I’m guessing is pretty set either way. The punkass.

And you? How can you decide whether to stay calm or get pant-wettingly excited? Whether to shake your head disconsolately and walk slowly away from your Xbox, shuffling into a distant sunset with a salty tear falling from your disappointed face, or laugh giddily at the sheer wonder of a new fighter being launch into your grubby mitts in under a month? Well, watch these vids! There’s been a shed-load recently, so us wonderful folk at the Grig have smashed em all together into one lovely little package. God, we treat you well.

Enjoy – and then let us know what you think. Not quite the all-powerful MvC3 trailers are they? But then, those bikinis… yarp yarp!

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4 Responses to The GRiG goes Mortal Kombat Video Crazy

  1. lartens says:


  2. bedgell says:

    Is that you being excited?!

  3. Dibbs Ahoy says:

    I been playing the demo – seems pretty good, still got the MK rigid feel about it and some dodgy animation, but it always was second rate compared to SF so as long as we have that I can’t be too troubled.
    Uses an online pass though apparently, so see you for a tenner in the bargain bin in about a year!

  4. bedgell says:

    yeah i just read that on cvg. warner bros are gonna start rolling those punks out o their games – FEAR 3 and the next Batman are gonna use it. Absolute punk muppets!!

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