Battlefield 3 Tempts Griggers To Get Naked

Guns, guns, guns. If you could see the staff at Grig Towers with their tops off, that’s what you’d be thinking. Ashasha, I joke, of course – you’d be too busy vomiting to be doing any thinking.

However, if you were to describe your gaming fantasy, you might well go down the line of the 3-“G”s. Because my gaming compadres, the FPS has gone from strength to strength on the next gen consoles and you, like us, probably can’t get enough of ’em. Hell, they’re so popular, they’re even branching out into fetish-shooters like Bulletstorm, and titles for pure sickos like COD: Black Ops (hehehe, OK! OK! I’ll say again: it’s not that bad!

Anyhoo, if only to compound our orgasmic joy at the state of the shooter, along comes more footage from the sumptous realms of Battlefield 3, due for release this Autumn on PS3, Xbox 360 and PC.

Boasting awesome visuals thanks to DICE’s Frostbite 2 engine, BF3 is guaranteed to be chock-full of huge explosions, sprawling ev’s and bullet-spewing mayhem. The game’s publisher, EA, are promising a heady blend of tension and chaos, slapped across land, sea and air, and whipped into shape with single, multiplayer and co-op modes. Ooh, and topped off with character animation using the EA Sports’ ANT-technology – hopefully, with the focus on realistic writhing / flying-through-air-with-no-legs manoeuvres (you know, just like on FIFA).

Basically, it’s all a boy could ask for. Or a girl of course. If she’s a gun-toting psycho. Roll on the Autumn.

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  1. Dibbs Ahoy says:

    EA’s sports tech is involved? Can’t wait to see players bullets pass straight through CPU enemies and watch your team mates stand around and just stare at things while in the heat of the action. Just using FIFA as a guide of what to expect. I joke! Although FIFA does suck. Badly.

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