Mad Scientist Starts “End Of World” Ball Rolling

OK, you’re a mad scientist, buy you still have a choice: Create a bio-mass fuel cell that allows robots to chuck us in a blender and power their ascent to global dominance by munching on our poor innocent bodies in an horrific realisation of all our worst sci-fi fears.

Or, y’know, don’t?!

Wait, what’s that? You already have? Why, you crazy sonofa…! What do you mean it’s ok because it’s only a clock that feeds on flies and therefore not a substantive threat to humankind?! THIS IS HOW IT STARTS PEOPLE!

Because yes, all your Neo-in-a-bathtub fears about being used as the slave-like double-A’s for a cyborg ascendancy took a step closer with the creation of this temporal nasty. All it takes is the evolution of an organically-aware cyber-conscious and bam! Those flies on the conveyor belt will be replaced by babies before you can say Matrix.

However, all that aside, this is pretty goddamn cool. Hehehe – see you in the tub, battery-fans…

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1 Response to Mad Scientist Starts “End Of World” Ball Rolling

  1. lartens says:

    Wow that’s creepy. Marry this up with the way crabs, lobsters and spiders are helping to inspire novel ways to get robots moving around, and then add the watson IBM computer as a replacement to VIKI from irobot, and then it’s game over boys. hehe

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