Mad Scientist Starts “End Of World” Ball Rolling

OK, you’re a mad scientist, buy you still have a choice: Create a bio-mass fuel cell that allows robots to chuck us in a blender and power their ascent to global dominance by munching on our poor innocent bodies in an horrific realisation of all our worst sci-fi fears.

Or, y’know, don’t?!

Wait, what’s that? You already have? Why, you crazy sonofa…! What do you mean it’s ok because it’s only a clock that feeds on flies and therefore not a substantive threat to humankind?! THIS IS HOW IT STARTS PEOPLE!

Because yes, all your Neo-in-a-bathtub fears about being used as the slave-like double-A’s for a cyborg ascendancy took a step closer with the creation of this temporal nasty. All it takes is the evolution of an organically-aware cyber-conscious and bam! Those flies on the conveyor belt will be replaced by babies before you can say Matrix.

However, all that aside, this is pretty goddamn cool. Hehehe – see you in the tub, battery-fans…

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