Shock Horror! New Dead Space 2 DLC – And A Video To Boot

Downloadable content is a contentious issue in Grig Towers. On the one hand, sucking brand new games from cyberspace, and getting add-ons and skimpy Chun-Li costumes directly through your telly, without the need to set foot in the outside world, is every gamer’s dream. On the other, holding back the best content so you can rinse poor gamers for even more of their hard earned pennies is every money-grabbing publisher’s dream. Case in point? Much as I love em, Infinity Ward’s pricing for MW2 map packs is the perfect example – for the price of three new maps (and two that I’ve already paid for on COD 4), I could otherwise get a brand new game off eBay.


So if publishers want to prise the last bit of coin from my clutching, miserly hands, their DLC had better be pretty awes. Thankfully for Visceral Games, they’re bringing to the table two brand-new standalone chapters for the impeccable Dead Space 2. Yep, from March 1st for a mere $6.99 (roughly a fiver to our British chums, at 560 MS points), Xbox/PC owners can own their brand new digital download, Dead Space 2: Severed, and finally quench that Sprawl-based bloodlust. PS3 (Europe) gets the download a day later.

The pack will feature two single player chapters, covering the story of Gabe Weller (from Dead Space Extraction). Old Gabe is packing a brand new security suit, and will be pitted against the Twitcher, the horrific bug from the original game. It’s still a fiver for content that Visceral probably had ready for release with the game – but for deep-space thrills and xenomorph-chills, there are few better place to splash the cash. So just this once, we’ll give them the benefit of the doubt.

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8 Responses to Shock Horror! New Dead Space 2 DLC – And A Video To Boot

  1. Dibbs Ahoy says:

    I don’t know what’s worse right now – rip-off DLC like Capcom’s pulling with MvC3, or EA’s online pass scum.

    • bedgell says:

      we’re definitely headed in that direction – things are only gonna get more ripoff. gonna be a long time until the effect of the online licence are known – it should effectively kill the second hand market, cos a game that you cold get for a tenner would cost 20 quid to play online. but it’ll take ages for people to cotton on to that. and even longer, if ever, for it to affect the first purchase market. and as ea don’t give a toss about second hand sales, why would it EVER matter to them if second hand sales are affected?

      total packing buh

      • Dibbs Ahoy says:

        It’s a good job EA are utter rubbish – it’s not going to be hard resisting their ‘games’. Seriously, I’ve learned my lesson from the few EA games that I own, and especially what will be my last EA purchase – FIFA 11. It is so awful that I actually felt genuinely shocked by it. I would be hard pushed to even come up with one example of a game that even came close to FIFA 11’s appalling AI and overall brokeness. It’s just disgraceful – and that’s one of their biggest games! EA, I spit on thee!

        • kaplunk kaplunk, whoops where's my thribble says:

          Hey i’m working on that very game right now. well not right now coz i have a presentation to write. But you catch ma drift.
          Yeah it’s me, i’m allowed to have fun with names. Anybody guess the reference though huh??

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