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Fixing html 5 validation errors on a self hosted wordpress blog

So it was bout a month ago when suddenly the validator at http://validator.w3.org/ decided that it was going to be picky about the values in the “rel” attribute. Although i fixed this for grigorig back then i didn’t have time … Continue reading

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A re-Volt-ing SF4 cash-in?

Hey, did you hear about the new Street Fighter 4 that just came out? Oh, you did huh? Well hold your horses my dear Griggers, for I speaketh not of the disc release of SSFIV Arcade Edition that’s just hit … Continue reading

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Xbox 360 and/or PS3 sucks! Come to us fanboys!

Two programming boffins have reportedly broken through Sony’s veil of falsified good graphics as the XBox 360 and PC square up to the PS3 while declaring ‘Anything you can do, we can do better!’ The team of two have enabled … Continue reading

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The Lynx Effect gets Augmented

Last week at London Victoria train station. Lynx, the body deodriant company, set up an augmented reality feed to one of the big screens in the station. Augemted reality is basically a super imposing image/data/video as an overlay to live … Continue reading

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Veronica Belmont goes geocaching. Beware the muggles

We here at GrigOrig occasionally do some geocahing ourselves, and are sometimes beaten insane with the simple ones we just can’t find (hey Big B) hehe. Clearly what we need is to enlist the help of seasoned geocacher Lee Van … Continue reading

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She call me Mr BomBastic say me fantastic

Ok, so this post has nothing to do with shaggy and his 90’s hit, and yes its spelt wrong anyway. The point here is that certain web files for this site were saved using regular notepad on a windows machine, … Continue reading

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Steve Jobs didn’t want to miss out on the ipad 2 event.

So today is the day the ipad 2 gets it’s little event over in san francisco. Jobs is there to gloat over how little the copy cat tablets are catching up to the first ipad. And now the ipad 2 … Continue reading

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New Apple Mac Book Pro’s out now. oh yeah, which one shall i buy?

We’ve been waiting, watching the rumors, and finally here it is. And the big boys have been quaded. Looks like new products to the line, two 13″ models, on with a 2.3GHZ duel core i5 processor and the other a … Continue reading

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