Crysis 2 Video Not Enough? How About A Multiplayer Demo To Boot? Hummana hummana!

So there’s no doubting that I’m monogamy-101 when it comes to first person shooters. I’m a peas-in-a-pod, walking hand-in-hand, matching jumpers kind of lover with my one and only, Modern Warfare 2. Forget your Black Ops tossbags*, Halo shizzle*, or Bulletstorm cackfest*, cos if it ain’t Infinity Ward then I ain’t buying. It dinner. At a romantic restaurant where I can gaze lovingly at her shiny disc-like face.

But hold the phone. Because Crysis 2, out on March 25th, is looking like an absolute peach. So much so that I may just have to start secretly texting that little hottie. And having naughty thoughts about her when the lights are out, and MW2 is snoring unknowingly with that M-16-kind of rattle that she has when she’s dreaming. But you?

Maybe you’re not yet ready to ditch your long-time lover and get in on the FPS-swinger scene? Well, cast your faithful little eyes over this launch video’s curves and then let’s talk. That’s right, sweetheart – it’s keys in the bowl time.

And as if that’s not enough to whet your seedy appetite for extra-marital gaming, March 1st sees a brand new Crysis 2 multiplayer demo coming to Xbox Live and PC (bad luck PS3-owners, your instalment is delayed…) This little tease will include two of the game’s 12 maps, “Skyline” and “Pier 17”, as well as two of the shooter’s six play-modes: “Team Instant Action” and “Crash Site”. And all set in Crysis 2’s awesome New York backdrop. All I can say to this news is that I’m already thinking of how I can “work late”, and “have a business trip” and generally excuse myself without MW2 guessing something is up. Hehehe… FPS-adultery rules.

*PS, these games are neither toss, shizzle, or cack, really. Compared to the delightful MW2, maybe there’s some comparative cackiness, but I guess they’re OK, really. OK FPS-fans?! Are we cool?

Bazooka Shot

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